microsoft safety scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is an inexpensive free disposable spyware scanner like Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is able to scan through a computer’s hard drive for various types of malware and computer viruses. This software was initially released on 15 April 2010, soon after the discontinuation of Microsoft Live Onecare Safety Scanner. Since then … Read more

lastpass safety

Have you heard of LastPass security feature? It is a high tech system that allows you to pay tolls from your phone using the internet. Many drivers do not use it, but it can be useful to you if you plan to use tolls often. There are many benefits to using the internet to pay … Read more

´╗┐identity safe norton

Identity Safe North Cyprus is a Cyprus company that offers a high-quality identity monitoring system. The use of such a service is one of the most important steps to ensuring that an individual’s personal and financial data remains protected from being stolen. It can be quite a frightening experience for someone who has had their … Read more

home safety and security

When one thinks of the term \”home security and safety,\” many images come to mind. Perhaps the most common is of an intruder being shot by a home security system or an animal causing damage in the home. While these are true examples of home safety hazards, they are far from the only things that … Read more

google safe website

Google Safe Website Analytics is a very powerful tracking system to keep track of visitors to your website. It displays a whole array of information about your site visitors including the number of unique visits, the number of page views, the time visitors spend on your site and many more. This is available for free … Read more

google password safe

Google has introduced a new service called Google Password Safe. This new service is similar to the vault that was used to secure many user names and passwords of individuals when they left the Internet. This service goes beyond protecting us on the Internet. This service goes one step further by actually giving us the … Read more

fleet security

Fleet Security is a big deal in the UK. As the number of commercial vehicles used for business grows, so does the amount of security that needs to be provided against potential attacks from thieves and other vandals. Vehicle tracking, CCTV, alarms and GPS are but a few of the security measures that are increasingly … Read more

firewall safety

The first thing to know about firewall safety is that the firewall is meant to block and secure the flow of information. Therefore, a firewall is very important for any computer that has any type of connection to the Internet or other networks. In addition, a firewall can close off a computer if there is … Read more

cyber security safety

A cyber security specialist is a person who specializes in ensuring that your computer systems are safe from hackers. The safety of your computer systems is of utmost importance and nobody should take chances as the cyber criminals have learned the secrets of their trade and you might be next! In order to protect your … Read more