cyber security and safety

Cyber security and safety are one of the hottest topics today. Hackers, viruses, and other cyber attacks are on the rise. Companies that operate off mainframe computers have to be very careful. Information is at stake when companies store information on a computer. It is vital for businesses to have a plan in place for … Read more

online safety and security

One can easily see the importance of online safety and security quite clearly in today’s technologically advanced world. With the Internet being so widely available, information is freely accessible for everyone to see and learn from. The potential abuse, which lies within this means of gaining access to other people’s private information cannot be understated. … Read more

safety and security officer

A safety and security officer play an important role in organizations of all sizes. He or she is in charge of ensuring the security of the organization, as well as its people. The most common duties of a safety and security officer include ensuring public safety, preventing damage caused by unsafe goods or acts, and … Read more

security technology ashtabula

Ashtabula is known by the locals as \”Hands Up\”, because of its loud and continuous bang that signals the inhabitants of an area to take immediate action against a possible attack. The device was developed by a group of scientists in Israel. It uses what is called an optoelectronic detection system. This device can detect … Read more