norton website safe

Are you aware of Norton website security? Have you heard of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and how it works? If you haven’t heard about SSL then there are a few things that you should know.

Basically, SSL is a technology used to encrypt all incoming data on the web. It prevents unscrupulous people from intercepting your data before you can send it to the intended recipient. Why would someone want to intercept your personal information anyway? This article will show you why and how anyone with Internet access can view your private information.

Anyone can view your website without having your private data. It is quite simple actually. When you create an account with Norton they will automatically include a padlock icon in their browser. Every time you visit a site on their server, they will check to see if you have visited that site before and if so they will load your padlock so that no one else can view your web page.

norton website safe


Why would a business want to do that? Because it is quite easy for a hacker or group of hackers to gain access to your personal and financial details. They can access banking information, credit card details and passwords. They can even do some fraud with your details too like making purchases over the internet and not paying out which will result in charges on your credit cards. These actions will then show up on statements at your bank, which can get you into a lot of trouble.

The padlock cannot be removed from your browser. You will not be able to go to any other websites that you might want to visit. However, this does not mean that your information cannot be seen by others either. The padlock can be disabled in your browser, but if you are a frequent user of the internet then you are certainly sensible enough to disable it.

If you are thinking that you have been a good user and have never thought about changing your password, then think again. Any hacker or group of hackers could easily gain access to your computer and your data. Most of the companies do not use a simple password but use more complex codes, which are harder to crack. There are many password software programs that can be used. The Norton website will offer you some of these.

What if I forget my login information? Your username and password will always be at the front and center of your mind when you visit any website. Your username is the one that people will use to log into your account; therefore you must ensure that this is a secure address. If you make any changes to this, you may jeopardize your security as your login will be posted to your website.

What does the browser have to do with the Norton website? The browser has to act as a gatekeeper to protect the rest of the web pages from being tampered with. It will also help to protect your information too as your browser will not accept any other type of connection that is not secure. This helps to keep your email safe, your bank safe and your personal information safe.

How do I make the site secure? By using a padlock icon on all the windows. If you accidentally lock your browser, you have to erase all your history and cache to reload the page. Do not close other windows while you are working in the secure page. When you go out you can use the back button so that no-one else can gain access to it.

What else can I do to make the website safe? Set up a new email account just for the website. Do not use your regular computer or PC for the emails as it may be caught by spyware. To use this account you will have to go to the secure website, create an account and enter in your credit card number.

How do I protect the website from hackers? Use a padlock icon on all the windows. Do not leave your browser open on the main page, because this will pose a serious risk of notifying a hacker that you are visiting this website. Keep this website only used by business people and you can relax.


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