secure safety

There is a general consensus among the property developers, architects and safety professionals that secure safety features are essential in a multi-storey residential building. If the construction has security measures installed, it will save lives and reduce the cost of insurance premiums and court costs in the future. Here are some common features that need to be present for achieving secured safety.

First, the building should have effective and practical fire resistance. This helps to protect the people inside the building from uncontrolled burning of combustible materials such as oil, gas and kerosene. The materials are usually placed in high-rise, multi-story buildings where they can be easily accessed. The presence of fire resistance reduces the risk of fire damaging or totaling the building. This is achieved by using materials that are highly-resistant to fire.

Secondly, the building should have emergency escape routes that are accessible from all the different floors. All residents within a building should have easy access to emergency stations, including the fire station. It is also important to build emergency escape staircases that can be used by residents without requiring them to climb up the staircase. This ensures quick response to situations such as fire breakout. This ensures safe evacuation of the building in case of an emergency.

secure safety


Another important feature is smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. These are both essential for the protection of the residents and the staff working in the building. All staff must be trained on the use of these systems. They must also be used in the event of a fire breakout. The detectors allow the monitoring of the status of the fire to the officials and this prevents the spread of the fire to other areas of the building.

The presence of fire doors is also important to protect the residents. The doors must be designed in such a way that they can resist fire and protect residents from suffocation. They should also be placed in strategic locations such as at the front doors, emergency doors and other points that are most vulnerable to the fire.

Security cameras are also a great way of preventing the spread of the fire. These cameras are placed at strategic locations in the building. They record any suspicious activities and act as a deterrent against fire. Security cameras are beneficial because they can act as evidence in cases of negligence and law suits.

Smoke detectors are also important in detecting fire. They emit a harmless smoke that makes it hard for the flames to continue burning. This detector is very important because it alerts people to the risk of fire. The smoke emitted by it can cause suffocation or death. When it comes to detecting fire, it is very important to have them installed in all rooms.

It is also important to install fire extinguishers in the entire building. It is one of the most effective ways of extinguishing fire. It is important to ensure that the extinguisher is placed in a safe place inside the building. It is also advisable to check if the extinguisher is working properly before using it. The last thing you want is to use an unsafe fire extinguisher.

All doors in the building should be controlled with the use of sensors. These sensors should detect intruders who try to force their way through the doors. The doors should be kept open and closed manually whenever someone is trying to force their way in. It is also advisable to ensure that deadbolts are installed on the doors. Deadbolts prevent anyone from forcing their way into the building.

It is also important to keep the doors and windows safe. A burglar will avoid buildings that are well secured. There should be a sensor installed near every window and door in the building. You should have deadbolts installed on the windows. It is good to have windows that are tinted and that do not allow direct sunlight into the building. There should be proper insulation installed in walls and floors to reduce the amount of heat entering the building.

To further enhance security, it is important to install cameras in high traffic areas such as the lobby, reception, conference rooms, and the parking lot. This will help you monitor the movements of your employees and clients. You can also ask for permission from the tenants to enter the building after dark.


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